Marigold Cafe, Glasgow

144 Park Rd,
G4 9HB

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“That person is richest whose pleasures are the cheapest.” ~ Henry David Thoreau

I was walking down Great Western Road and passing the numerous bakeries and coffee shops and I stopped to ponder, when was the first time you actually eat for pleasure?

We always eat since we were fed by our mums but when did you actually independently make the decision that you were going to eat not because your mum had made it or to satiate hunger?

As I walked past Hillhead Primary School I got my answer, I remember when it must have been the summer of 1981 just before the summer holidays, I was with my friends Shaffiq and Amin, we were inseparable back then.

We were walking past the 727 chippie and the aroma of hot oil and vinegar stopped us in our tracks, we peered in the steamed-up windows and saw mounds of golden fried fish and chips, they looked so delicious, we are captivated, awestruck even.

We plucked the courage to go in, and the huge Italian gentlemen behind the counter loomed ominously over the counter and asked us what we wanted, we audibly gulped and pointed in unison at the golden fried fish.

The Italian Fish and Chipwalla bellowed

“That will be £1.50” and he laughed manically

we pooled our money and gingerly put the coins on the counter…the Italian giant counted the coins

“This ees only 30p?” he loomed menacingly

We were lost for words, we were rooted to the spot and cringing with fright.

Obviously when your 8 years old everything looks big and scary, so actually the Kind Italian gentlemen picked up 3 soft rolls and slathered some butter on each and put hot fluffy chips and liberally sprinkled salt and vinegar and handed one each to us and bade us farewell.

We stood outside the shop and tucked into our chip rolls…OMG, it was a revelation. I had never eaten something so delicious in my life, At that moment my love for food was born, I am a veteran

of many campaigns yet my love for food endures.

Marigold Cafe


This week I was with Doctor Foodwala and we decided to visit the newly opened Marigold Cafe on Park Road, I remember back In the day it was the Bar Bola.

MFC £8…7out10
Pulled Lamb Samosa £7… 7.5out 10
Prawn Biryani Bon Bons £7.50 …8out10























































The Marigold Cafe serves Chic contemporary Indian Tapas.

We kicked off the proceedings with the trio of MFC (Marigold Fried Chicken), juicy thighs in a spicy Korean-style batter, it actually worked quite well, if it was breast meat it would not have been so juicy and tender.

The Pulled Lamb Samosa was actually pulled lamb, as opposed to mince, so this was a revelation. the spice was balanced with a crispy batter.

The Prawn Biryani Bons Bons were a play in arancini balls,  this actually worked well, moist and spiced but I felt lacked the actual taste of prawn.

Dall Makhani £7.50… 6out 10




























Next up was the Dall Makhani and the Bombay Hassleback Aloo.

The Dall Makhani, was of the Black Urid Lentils slow cooked with heavy cream, giving a nutty creamy texture, again well prepared, maybe a little under-seasoned.

The Hasskeback Aloo was half-baked

Jingha Machali £10.50… 8out10




























The King Prawns were cut in a butterfly style and sauteed in spiced butter and topped with samphire pakora, delicious and well made, the King Prawns were cooked just right, not rubbery with can happen if cooked too long.


In Conclusion

The Marigold Cafe is definitely a playful take on the Indian Street Food Tapas, the Chef knew his craft well enough to think outside the box and enjoy fusing different elements together, This style should definitely be commended.

The Service was friendly and to the point, unobtrusive yet close.


The Star of the Meal?

The King Prawns and the MFC  was the star of the mean, just for the simplicity of its execution, yet the thought in its preparation.

The miss of the Meal?

It would be unfair to name a miss but if pushed I would throw the Dhaal Makhani under the bus purely from the slightly underseasoned.


Honourable Mention

Marigold Cafe is simply put good, on par with Chaaku, and on par even with Dishoom, Marigold executed the ingredients and elements better, It  did its thing in an honest and delicious manner


Halal Rating 

The Lamb and Chicken are halal, however, there is a Pork dish on the menu but was assured there was no cross-contamination.

Alcohol is served on the Premises


100% impartial Guarantee

Alfie Foodwala visits all restaurants anonymously and pays for the bill like any other customer, Alfie Foodwala does not accept free meals in return for reviews.