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As you will have gathered, we are still under the second lockdown and all restaurants are closed unless they are doing takeaway service.


I love restaurants pure and simple, I love the theatre of restaurants, the sheer buzz of a well-run restaurant.

and I love food, all kinds of food, I have even driven up to Anstruther one lunchtime to try out the amazing fish and chips at the award-winning Anstruther Fish Bar.

I love the experience of food, be it sitting on the Sea Wall in Stonehaven eating Fish and Chips, or an Alley behind the Taj Palace Bombay eating kebabs at Bademiya.

The trilogy of restaurants, food and experience is what fires up my passion, It is what gets me up in the morning…As Mr Ali from the Shish Mahal so eloquently puts it

“you can’t put a price to passion”

So this week I pondered what other avenues of food I can try, I tried out the Supermarket Food last week so this week I decided to try food from an exclusive boutique caterer called Home X STA.

Even the same suggested something out of the ordinary and exclusive, so I called them up and a Moneypenny type voice answered, very cool calm and collected.

I explained what my requirements were and when I needed the home catering.

since caterers cannot come to my home, they packaged the dinner with precise heating and serving instructions.

The package arrived in a refrigerated courier at the time and date promised.



Shrimp dynamiter
8 out of 10

First Up was the curiously named Shrimp Dynamiter, succulent North Atlantic King Prawns, pan-fried and then tossed in a siracha Port Mahon dressing, It was actually very delicious 8 out of 10

Balsamic Spiced Lamb Shanks

The Balsamic Spiced Lamb Shanks was an excellent example of Balanced flavour, the Ayrshire Lamb was sous vide then dipped in a Black Pepper Balsamic Reduction, the Umami of the lamb went perfectly with the firey Talichery Black peppercorns and the sharp sweetness of the Balsamic.  9 out of 10

Oriental Wild Salmon

The certified Wild Scottish Sockeye Salmon is delicious just eaten with some lemon, as the flavour profile is so delicate, the Salmon was then sympathetically brushed with some Soy sauce and reduced sugar cane jus, this gave the salmon a subtle sweet and sour flavour note, again spot on 8 out of 10

Wagyu A5 Slider

This slider was a flavour bomba, the Wagyu was hand diced and then folded with some salt, pepper and shallots and then gently grilled when the Wagyu fat started to run it was then placed in a butter brioche bun topped with mild Asiago Cheese, as not to upset the flavour note of the Wagyu 8 out of 10

Panco Chicken Saccate

The Chicken Saccete, or in other words Baby Chicken Lollypops was marinated for 24 hours in spiced buttermilk and then dipped in ground Tonkatsu bread (Panco) and then cooked in extra virgin sunflower oil, the wings were amazingly crispy on the outside yet so soft and moist inside, very nice indeed. 8 out of 10

Lebanese Fajita Platter

The Lebanese Fajita platter went down a storm, the harissa shawarmaesk chicken was moist and juicy and went perfectly with an assortment of meze filling, something very different and unusual but equally flavoursome. 8 out of 10


In Conclusion

In conclusion, The Food by HOME X STA was absolutely delicious, the flavours were put together with expertise and flair, no ingredient was allowed to overpower the “hero” element of the dish.

When ordering, the process was so simple and easy, all kinds od allergies and food intolerances were taken care of.

I would definitely recommend HOME X STA.

The Star of the Meal?

Hard to point out, but my arm was twisted I would go for the Salmon or the Shrimp.


The miss of the Meal?

For once I am lost for words in this category.


Honourable Mention

So how did HOME X STA compare with the stalwarts of the home catering industry,  likes of Rhubarb Catering and Dirty Lobster in London or 1762 Catering Dubai, It certainly gave then a run for the money in terms of food, menu selection and technical ability.

Keep an eye out for future reviews from home caterers.


Halal Rating

The Lamb is Halal

The Chicken is Halal

No alchaol is used



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