The Emirates Lounge, Glasgow Airport

Emirates Lounge

Hey, Foodwala’s…Alfie Foodwala is feeling a little white around the gills, some sun was definitely needed. Goblee Foodwala invited me to his hood in Dubai and I graciously accepted.

Alfie Foodwala always turns left on the airplane so I decided to check out the Emirates dedicated Business Class Lounge at Glasgow Airport.

Emirates Lounge

As I entered the Lounge was nice and peaceful, far from the madding crowds outside. The Lunch buffet was being set up at the top of the room and the lounge hostess brought over a double espresso and some Bateel.

Mezze Selection

I felt a little peckish so I decided to enjoy some Arabian Mezze


I decided on the Hummus with flatbread and seafood salad, the Hummus was smooth and tangy.

The Seafood Salad was some King Prawns and Smoked Salmon on a bed of rocket and asparagus accompanied with some lemon mayonnaise.

The Mezze was very agreeable.

Italian Pasta Soup

The second Course was light Italian pasta in a Sicilian Tomato Consomme, this was delicately seasoned and the pasta and the vegetables were al dente

Braised Chicken Supreme with Valoute Sauce

Next up I opted for the Chicken in a Veloute Sauce, the supremes of chicken breast were delicately cooked in butter and the Valoute sauce was light, exactly as Escoffier would have intended.

The Buttered Cod was cooked so that the firm flesh was still moist. the crispy skin was yummy.

Shepards Pie

However the pie was a disappointment, the mince filling was bland and devoid of flavour.

The mozzarella pancake was definitely imaginative and tasty.