Vapiano, Glasgow

235 Buchanan St
G1 2NG

Hey Foodwalas…2019 has finally here… how are the well-intentioned resolutions and goals holding up?

In my humble experience, it’s better to change a few small things rather than one big thing, if your resolution is to do more exercise then start by doing a one pressup, one squat, one burpee and a star jump every day and increase by one every week, so by week 20 you will be stronger and healthy and well one the way to that Adonis-like body we all have underneath.

It’s exactly the same with healthy eating, willpower is an exhaustible resource, it may serve you in the short run, however, in the long run, it will run out and you will end up in square one.

A good way of starting to eat healthy is to cut down on your carb, processed meat, and red meat intake and increase your chicken protein intake, so like the increment increase in exercise cut carbs and sugar on a Monday for the first month and then increase it to Tuesday and so on and so forth until you can eat healthy on five days and treat yourself on the Weekends.

This way you wont succumb to the sugar withdrawal symptoms and still enjoy all the food without leaving out any food groups.

It is not rocket science, after all, just as long you use up more calories than you put in you will lose weight…simples

Forget all these celebrity diets the only thing you lose is money and the only gainers are the celebrities and their bank accounts.

So don’t be hard on yourself and enjoy everything in moderation and stay in control.

Afterall life is too short NOT to enjoy Chocolate and cake!!

Vapiano Pizza and Pasta

All this talk about diets and healthy eating made me and the Foodwala Family ravenous so we went to Vapiano for some healthy Pizza and Pasta

Vapiano is a popular Pizza and Pasta chain from Germany where you construct your own Pizza or Pasta and it is cooked in a live kitchen in front of you.

Live Cooking

This way you can decide which healthy ingredients to include in your pasta

Insalata Cesare

Mokee Foodwala kicked off the proceedings with a healthy Ceaser Salad with grilled chicken, the lettuce was not the usual romain, The salad was underdressed and the chicken could have been seasoned better.

Rucola Ravioli

Rarri Foodwalee opted for the Spinach and Ricotta Ravioli with rocket and topped with stir-fried chicken, the Ravioli was thin parcels of filling rather than thick pillows you usually get from Oro or La Lanterna

The overall dish was well seasoned as you can ask how much seasoning you would like.

Spicy Gamberetti with Prawns and Chicken

I decided to push the boat out and see what I could create… so I opted for Stir-fried Chicken and King Prawns with sugo base and a touch of cream and then added mushrooms and bell peppers and tossed with pasta and topped with Parmigiana.

I loved my creation and with a liberal sprinkling of chilies this was the perfect fusion between East and West, the portion size was generous, so a definite hit!!

Garlic Prawn with Cheese

The Garlic Bread was definitely under seasoned and could have done with slivers of fresh garlic and olive oil.

In Conclusion, Vapiano was like eating at an upmarket canteen, I loved that you could customise your meal and the theatre was novel however the food was not as good as Orro or La Lanterna and if you want amazing pasta then its got to be Padella, Borough Market.

The service was functional and friendly.