Catch, Glasgow

186 Fenwick Road
G46 6XF

Hey Foodwala’s It was another lovely summers afternoon so the Foodwala family went for a drive in the beautiful Scottish countryside, but a Foodwala family drive is never just a dull drive, the banter must flow and discussions must be discussed.

It is inevitable that with such strong opinions the foodwala family becomes polarised, It all started when Mokee Foodwala won the toss to curate the soundtrack for our drive, I suggested Messers 21 Savage and Post Malone however just to be obtuse Mokee Foodwala decided to go for the Travis Scott and his newly dropped album Astroworld.

He then regaled us with the epic rivalry between Chance the Rapper and Travis Scott, I said this rivalry was poppycock, it was a childish spat at best, real beefs were the stuff of legends, like Biggie and Tupac or Coke and Pepsi or Nike and Adidas.

As the discussion heated up I gave the young members of the foodwala family another famous rivalry, the rivalry for the rightful crown of the National Dish of the United Kingdom, was it the Chicken Tikka Masala invented in Glasgow by Mr Ali or The fish and chips first created on Oldham by Mr Lees.

We all know that the National Dish is Mr Ali’s Chicken Tikka Masala but we decided that the warm weather lent itself perfectly for some Fish and Chips.

Due to the two Diva Foodwalee sister amongst our midst we could not slum it in any Fish and Chips shop, we had to go to the poshest Fish and Chip restaurant in Scotland, hence why we landed in the doorstep of Catch in Giffnock.

Catch Fish and Chips

As we walked in the decor was upmarket, to say the least, the marble tiles shone with their Carerra brilliance and the Navy blue ceramic counter give a cool nautical look to the restaurant, the restaurant buzzed with the ladies who lunch from nearby Whitecraigs. and the restaurant had a whiff of Eau de Malt Vinegar.

Fish Cakes with Lemon Mayo

We kicked off the proceedings with the Catch Fish cakes, the flaked Haddock had been expertly folded into the smashed potatoes and then covered in the fresh panko breadcrumb, the Fish cakes were light and simply seasoned and the lemon Mayo gave the right amount of creamy acidity to compliment the fish cakes.

Fish Pakora

The fish Pakora caught my eye, it was an unusual homage to the starter lineup, the Cod was deliciously fresh, flaky and meaty and let itself to the slightly dense batter, it was a good effort outside an Indian restaurant.

Mac’n Cheese balls

The Macaroni and Cheese balls were equally imaginative, the cheesiness was cut with some acidity from the tomato relish, very clever.

The Catch House Haddock

The Haddock was served piping hot, the batter was crispy on the outside yet soft and battery under the crust, the fresh Haddock was cooked en point and was moist and melt in the mouth, the Malt Vinegar sizzled when it hit the piping hot batter giving a delicious mouth-watering aroma.

Grilled North Atlantic Lobster £36.95

The reason why Catch is posh is that it serves Grilled Lobster in a Garlic and Ayrshire butter Jus, The meaty crustacean was expertly grilled without overcooking the delicate meat and then simple drizzled with garlic butter, in one word…Fabulous!!!

In Conclusion, Even if the Fish and Chips comes second in the National Dish Stakes, nothing can beat  Fish and Chips for comfort food extraordinaire, and Catch does fish and Chips with flair and aplomb.

The service was friendly and swift.