Wagah Grill House, Glasgow

58 Howard St, Glasgow G1 4EE

Hey Foodwala’s… The Foodwala family was enjoying a nice summer Sunday afternoon stroll down Buchanan Street and enjoying the sights and sound of all the visitors and tourists in our amazing City, we could hear so many languages and could witness so many cultures and they all blended into an amazing and vibrant atmosphere.

We could see Nigerian tourists in their splendid and colourful kaftans alongside young Chinese students equally resplendent in their Hypebeast clothing and Italians strutting like peacocks and  Americans in their tourist uniform of denim and dad sneakers

All this was further enhanced by the street theatre from all corners of Europe.

As we passed through St Enoch Square we stumbled upon Wagah Grill House and it proudly proclaimed it served grilled meats alongside burgers, wraps, pizzas and sandwiches.

It reminded me of Buchanan Street a few minutes previously, so many different influences and flavours, It worked well in Buchanan Street, could it work in a restaurant?

Wagah Grill House Menu

As you can see from the menu it was certainly extensive and eclectic

could it be the case of Jack of all trades and master of none?

Wagah Signature Grill


We kicked off the proceedings with the Wagah Grill Signature platter, when it arrived it was a sizzling platter of meaty yumminess

The platter was heaped with Seekh Kebabs, Chicken Tikka, Lamb boti and marinated lamb chops.

We started with the Seekh Kebabs, they were delicately spiced but I felt the lamb mince lacked onions to make the kebabs succulent, however, it was edible, next up was the chicken tikka, the chicken tikka had absorbed the masala and the sizzling onions enhanced the BBQ flavour, very nice, The lamb chops were a little thin in my opinion and the tandoori masala slightly overpowered the meaty flavour of the chops, the only downside was the lamb boti, the lamb was cubed rather than sliced and it left with huge chunks of dry meat where the marinade was not absorbed.

Nan and gravy with the grill

The gravy was a little under seasoned and sweet for my taste.

Peri Peri Chicken wrap

Benz Foodwalee,  overwhelmed by the meat fest opted for the Peri Peri Chicken wrap, the chicken filling was a wee bit on the stingy side and the peri peri flavour was definitely lacking

Chicken Burger

The chicken burger felt a little emaciated and underwhelming, the filling looked tired and lacklustre.

In Conclusion, the Wagah Grill was definitely the highlight of the endeavour, however, the wrap and burger could have been better with more fillings and better fillings.

possibly Wagah should focus on their grill strong point rather than trying too many things at the same time and not succeed in any.

The restaurant was empty at the time we went and the tables felt sticky, however, the toilets were spotless!